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WinForms Panels and Labels Control
Create better user interface design for your Windows Forms application.
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Panels and Labels Control for WinForms Overview

The Windows Forms Panels and Labels Controls are a set of container controls that can be used to build extendable and themable controls with attractive user interface design for your Windows Forms applications. This Panels and Labels Controls can replace the Standard Toolkits in Microsoft Visual Studio. There are various controls available to developers, such as KetticGroupBox, which offers not only the features of the standard GroupBox but extra amazing style, KetticPanel, which offers themes and transparency supports, and KetticScrollabelPanel, which provides the scrolling functionality.

KetticGroupBox of WinForms Control

The KetticGroupBox of the Panels and Labels Controls provides not only the features of the standard GroupBox in Microsoft Visual Studio but also extra amazing styles to create cool UI for their Windows Forms applications. The KetticGroupBox is capable of position the footers and extended titles. With the styling mechanism, it is able to add the themes included in the KetticWinForms UI Controls to the GroupBox, add images to header and footer, position header and align header. Developers can create Office 2007 style user interfaces for their Windows Forms applications.


The Panels and Labels Controls provide KetticPanel to replace the standard panel control in Windows Forms projects. The KetticPanel for Windows Forms offers the support of themes and transparency of the Kettic UI controls for WinForms.


The KetticLabel control support the themes included in all the Kettic UI Controls and resemble all functionalities of the standard label control in Windows Forms. The KetticLabel control is designed to replace the standard label control in the Visual Studio toolbox and add a label to your Windows Forms application with the attractive appearance of other Kettic Controls. It is also capable of formatting text with tags that similar to the ones of html.


The Kettic Separator control is a simple component included in the Panels and Labels Controls. It is able to separate the Windows Forms in vertical or horizontal direction. There will be a customizable line and shadow used to separate the Forms in the .NET projects.


The Kettic Scroll Label Panel is similar to the KetticPanel and supports all the themes of the Kettic UI controls. Therefore, developers can add themes to the scroll bars and fatherly customize the look of the panel and scrollbars while using the Panel control. There are two scrolling bars and a panel offering the scrolling functions and standing for a container to hold other UI controls. This Kettic Scroll Label Panel controls contains all the functionalities of the standard panel and can be added to any other controls by drag and drop in Microsoft Visual Studio.

Rich Design Time Support in Visual Studio

The Panels and Labels Controls for Windows Forms provide rich design-time support functionality to .NET developers. This feature allows developers easily customize and configure the Panels and Labels when design the user interface. For example, the control offers the support of items drag and drop within parent control or between controls, themes adding at design time, and full customization of UI design as needed.