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Separator Control for C# Windows Forms

The KetticSeparator WinForms control is a simple component included in the KetticPanels Control. This Separator is capable of dividing the Windows Forms in vertical or horizontal direction. The KetticSeparator WinForms control provides lines and shadow, whose themes and styles can be customized, to separate the forms into logical parts for your C#.NET applications.

Properties for Customizing Separator Control in C#.NET

When we shall customize the KetticSeparator WinForms control, we can use the properties as below included into the KetticSeparator control
  • Orientation, this property is able to rotate the Separator control to Vertical or Horizontal direction.
  • ShadowOffset, this property is used to set the offset of the both lines in horizontal and vertical directions
  • DisplayShadow, this property is used to enable and disable the second line of the separator
  • SeparatorElement, this element is used to hold the separator lines and allows the users to access and customize the lines

C# code for Customize KetticSeparator Control

The below C# code example demonstrates how to customize the KetticSeparator WinForms control.

ketticSeparator1.ShadowOffset = new Point(5, 0);
ketticSeparator1.SeparatorElement.Line1.LineWidth = 2;
ketticSeparator1.SeparatorElement.Line2.LineWidth = 2;

ketticSeparator1.DisplayShadow = true;
ketticSeparator1.Orientation = Orientation.Horizontal;
ketticSeparator1.SeparatorElement.Line1.BackColor1 = Color.Blue;
ketticSeparator1.SeparatorElement.Line1.BackColor2 = Color.Green;
ketticSeparator1.SeparatorElement.Line1.BackColor3 = Color.Purple;
ketticSeparator1.SeparatorElement.Line1.NumberOfColors = 3;
ketticSeparator1.SeparatorElement.Line1.GketticientStyle = Kettic.WinForms.GradientStyles.Linear;
ketticSeparator1.SeparatorElement.Line1.GradientAngle = 0;

ketticSeparator1.SeparatorElement.Line2.BackColor1 = Color.LightBlue;
ketticSeparator1.SeparatorElement.Line2.BackColor2 = Color.Yellow;
ketticSeparator1.SeparatorElement.Line2.BackColor3 = Color.Red;
ketticSeparator1.SeparatorElement.Line2.NumberOfColors = 3;
ketticSeparator1.SeparatorElement.Line2.GradientStyle = Kettic.WinForms.GradientStyles.Linear;
ketticSeparator1.SeparatorElement.Line2.GradientAngle = 0;
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