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C# code for KetticLabel WinForms Control

KetticLabel WinForms Control is an alternative of the Microsoft standard Windows Forms label control. However, this Label control supports the application of themes predefined in the Kettic UI WinForms control and also allows the users to build custom themes by using the UI Style Designer. The KetticLabel Component is capable of designing a label in .NET applications in a look and feel with other KetticControls.

Properties for Using KetticLabel in C#.NET

KetticLabel .NET component offers an alternative of the standard Windows Form Label with extended features such as themes customizing support. This KetticLabel control shares the complete properties of the standard Windows Forms Label control, such as,
  • BackColor, this property of the Kettic Label control is used to change the background color of the Label control.
  • BackgroundImage and BackgroundImageLayout, these two properties of the Kettic Label control are used to tile, center, stretch, or zoom an image across the Label control.
  • ForeColor, this property of the Kettic Label component is used to set the fore color of the WinForms control.
  • Text, this property of the Kettic Label control is used to configure the text of the control.

Sample of Customizing KetticLabel Control

The following is an example that uses an image as the background and customizes the fore color. This is accomplished by setting the BackgroundImage property to YellowLeaves.jpg, which is included in the Picture Folder, setting the BackgroundImageLayout to Stretch, and setting the ForeColor property to Transparency.
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