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Panel Control for C# Windows Forms

KetticPanel control for Windows Forms is used to replace the standard panel control in Windows Forms projects. This Panel control not only shares most of the standard control properties, but also advanced styling and text features, like custom themes support and transparency setting, which are supported by all Kettic UI WinForms controls.

How to Use KetticPanel Control in C#.NET

KetticPanel Control shares all features of a standard panel and provides additional text formatting. It is capable of formatting the text on Panel in a similar way of HTML. This text formatting functionality uses only a few simple HTML tags to format text style and display the text on Panel. It is capable of formatting the text font style, font color, font size options and simple layouts by using the HTML like tags supported by Kettic Panel Control. The following steps demonstrate how to formatting Panel text by using the HTML like tags.
  • Start the text formatting by using the tag, < html >,
  • Customize the font size by using the tag, < size=value >,
  • If we shall break down a single line text, use the < br >,
  • To bold, underline and italic text, use the corresponding tags as below list
  • To set text font, use the Font family tags, < font=family >

Apply Themes to KetticPanel WinForms Control

Kettic UI WinForms Controls provides themes predefined and allows custom styles creation for all the user interface controls for Windows Forms, including the KetticPanel WinForms Control. The following steps shows the brief procedures of customize style to KetticPanel control,
  • We need to click the smart tag of the KetticPanel first
  • Click the link to start the Edit UI Elements dialog
  • Change the settings to customize the KetticPanel style
  • The customized styling settings will be serialized in the Designer.cs file
  • The changes in Edit UI Elements dialog have higher precedence over the theme settings.
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