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KetticPanel with Scrollbar in C#.NET

The KetticScrollBarPanel is similar to the KetticPanel control and supports all the themes of the Kettic UI WinForms controls. Therefore, developers can add themes to the scroll bars and furthermore customize the look and feel of the panel and scrollbars while using the Panel control. There are two scrolling bars and a panel offering the scrolling functions and standing for a container to hold other UI controls. This KetticScrollBarPanel control contains all the functionalities of the standard panel and can be added to any other controls by drag and drop in Microsoft Visual Studio.

Features of Kettic ScrollBar Control

  • KetticScrollBarPanel shares the complete functionalities of KetticPanel WinForms control and provides scroll bars, whose themes can be modified as requiremnets
  • This scroll bar control can be used as a standard panel and is capable of adding any other controls into it by drag and drop
  • The KetticScrollBarPanel contains two KetticScrollBars used to build scrolling functionality and a KetticPanel used to contain other user interface controls
  • The KetticScrollBarPanel supports all themes predefined within the Kettic UI WinForms Themes
  • Furthermore, this control allows the users to build custom styles and appearance for the panel and the scrollbars as specific requirements
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