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Windows Forms PivotGrid Control
Build fashion pivot table user interfaces, create summarizations and highlight specific data
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PivotGrid Control for WinForms Overview

The Kettic PivotGrid Control is designed for developers to build for Windows Forms with similar functionality to the PivotTables in MS Excel. The PivotGrid Control can manage large amounts of data and display the data to human for reading. It provides support of full OLAP, Pivoting, tabular and compact layouts, filtering and sorting, group, and more functionalities.

Full OLAP Support

The PivotGrid Controls offers full OLAP support for developers to bind the control to data sources that support an OLAP browser. This feature allows users of your application not only access to the data in an OLAP cube but also access to the bound data source structure. Users of the PivotGrid Controls can load the complete structure of the bound OLAP data source on demand with the Hierarchical Field List.

Pivoting Support

The Kettic PivotGrid Controls support pivoting that allows the end users of your application easily operating the data. It is possible for users to interact with and break down the raw data to any modern user interface. Developers can use the pivot table to create summarizations and highlight specific data within seconds.

Tabular and Compact Layouts

The Kettic PivotGrid Controls offers layouts support and there are two types of layouts, Tabular, which shows each field in a separate box, and Compact, which nests the field descriptors in a common box to optimize space. The Tabular layout will place row descriptors in a separate column and locate the column descriptors in a separate row.

Filtering, Sorting and Group Filtering Support

The Kettic PivotGrid Controls support filtering and sorting data for users easily manage their data. In addition, users can use the group filtering options to operate data to view data exactly. These functionalities are available in context menus and dialogs that is similar to options in MS Excel.

Pivot FieldList Support

The Kettic PivotGrid Controls for Windows Forms contains a PivotFieldList that allows developers create PivotGrid reports with easy customizing features for users. To create such customizable PivotGrid reports, developers just need to drag the PivotFieldList or reorder the items in a list.

Drag and Drop Fields Support

The Kettic PivotGrid Controls support drag and drop fields that allows developers show all the fields in an external window and then they can drag and drop the fields and group the fields as needed.

Chart Data Binding Support

.NET Windows Forms UI designers can easily and seamlessly integrate the Pivot Grid Controls to Chart View Controls. And a set of data binding options will be appear out of the box for users to manage data

Advanced Printing Support

When developers add Pivot Grid Controls in their Windows Forms application, they can build exploit the advanced native printing with various customizing settings for print layout. Users of your applications can send their PivotGrid reports to the printer and configure the printing layout, like headers, footers, and size, through the Print Preview and Print Settings.