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Data Binding of KetticPivotGrid in C#.NET

KetticPivotGrid control is capable of data binding both at design time and run time. The PivotGrid control can manage large amounts of data and display the data in PivotGrid for human reading. It provides support of full OLAP, Pivoting, tabular and compact layouts, filtering and sorting, group, and more functionality. In this article, we are going through the features of KetticPivotGrid control data binding.

Bind PivotGrid to Data Source at Design Time

KetticPivotGrid control for Windows Forms is capable of standard data binding. When we add the control to the Windows Forms, we can bind KetticPivotGrid to a new data source or an existing one through the DataSource property. The DataSource property is available in the Smart Tag menu in the Properties window of the KetticPivotGrid control.

C# Populate PivotGrid with Data using DataSource Property

KetticPivotGrid WinForms control has the same feature as any other data control for Windows Forms. It allows the users to populate this control to a data source by using a DataSource property of the KetticPivotGrid control. To bind PivotGrid to an existing data source, we can customize the properties of PivotGrid control, DataSource property and DataMember property.

LocalDataSourceProvider for KetticPivotGrid Data Binding in C#.NET

KetticPivotGrid control is capable of the data provider, LocalDataSourceProvider, which can also be used by the KetticPivotFieldList. This local data source provider allows the PivotGrid control access the data source locally, like an IList of instances in a C# classes defined by the users. Furthermore, we are able to use all the collections that implements IEnumerable interface as a LocalDataSourceProvider.

C# Bind KetticPivotGrid to Data using AdomdDataProvider

KetticPivotGrid control allows the users to populate this control with data from OLAP Cube and it uses the AdomdDataProvider to import data from OLAP Cube. The KetticPivotGrid control supports Microsoft.AnalysisServices.AdomdClient and we need to install an Adomd client on our computer to use the AdomdDataProvider.

Use XmlaDataProvider to Populate KetticPivotGrid in C#.NET

The users of the control are able to populate the KetticPivotGrid control with data from OLAP data sources by using the XmlaDataProvider. The XMLA provides the access for the client applications to communicate to OLAP data sources. The XmlaDataProvider of KetticPivotGrid is used to connect your .NET Windows application to the OLAP data sources.
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