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Populate PivotGrid with Data using DataSource Property in C#.NET

KetticPivotGrid WinForms control has the same feature as any other data control for Windows Forms. It allows the users to populate this control to a data source by using a DataSource property of the KetticPivotGrid control. To bind PivotGrid to an existing data source, we can customize the properties of PivotGrid control, DataSource property and DataMember property. This article will demonstrate how to populate PivotGrid with data by using DataSource property in C#.NET template projects.

C# for Binding PivotGrid to Data with DataSource Property

The C# code below shows the process of populating PivotGrid control with data by setting the DataSource property and DataMember property of the control. In addition, we shall add the desired descriptions to define the data structure being shown.

DateTimeGroupDescription() { PropertyName = "OrderDate", Step =
DateTimeStep.Year, GroupComparer = new GroupNameComparer() });

DateTimeGroupDescription() { PropertyName = "OrderDate", Step =
DateTimeStep.Month, GroupComparer = new GroupNameComparer() });

PropertyGroupDescription() { PropertyName = "CustomerID", GroupComparer = new
GrandTotalComparer() });

PropertyAggregateDescription() { PropertyName = "Freight", AggregateFunction
= AggregateFunctions.Sum });

PropertyAggregateDescription() { PropertyName = "Freight", AggregateFunction
= AggregateFunctions.Average });

this.ketticPivotGrid1.FilterDescriptions.Add(new PropertyFilterDescription()
{ PropertyName = "CustomerCity", CustomName = "City" });

NwindDataSet dataset = new NwindDataSet();
SamplesCS.DataSources.NwindDataSetTableAdapters.OrdersTableAdapter adapter =
new SamplesCS.DataSources.NwindDataSetTableAdapters.OrdersTableAdapter();

this.ketticPivotGrid1.DataSource = dataset;
this.ketticPivotGrid1.DataMember = "Orders";
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