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Customization of PivotGrid Dialogs in C#.NET

KetticPivotGrid control contains various dialogs for the users of your application to customize the settings of the PivotGrid WinForms control. To access these dialogs, we can use either the menus in KetticPivotGrid or KetticPivotFieldList. KetticPivotGrid control allows the users to replace the default dialogs with the KetticPivotGrid dialogs which implement specific interface and are capable of applying custom implementations. In this article, we will go through the customization of Pivot grid dialogs in C#.NET projects

C# Customize Dialogs of KetticPivotGrid

KetticPivotGrid WinForms control allows the users to customize the dialogs in C#.NET projects. The customization can be achieved through inheriting the dialogs to override or extend the base functionality or create a new custom dialog by implementing the corresponding dialog interface. The C# code below shows the dialogs customization in C#.NET.

class MyAggregateOptionsDialog : AggregateOptionsDialog
public override void LoadSettings(Kettic.Pivot.Core.PropertyAggregateDescriptionBase aggregateDescription)
this.Text = "Custom dialog";

KetticPivotGrid control contains the PivotGridDialogsFactory property for the users to create a new dialog for the KetticPivotGrid and KetticPivotFieldList. The C# code below demonstrates how to implement a custom factory to replace the default dialogs using the custom ones.

class MyDialogsFactory : PivotGridDialogsFactory
public override IAggregateOptionsDialog CreateAggregateOptionsDialog()
return new MyAggregateOptionsDialog();

After replacing the default dialogs with the custom ones, we can assign the custom dialogs to KetticPivotGrid and KetticPivotFieldList in C# as below.

this.ketticPivotGrid1.DialogsFactory = new MyDialogsFactory();
this.ketticPivotFieldList1.DialogsFactory = new MyDialogsFactory();
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