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Printing KetticPivotGrid in C#.NET

When developers add KetticPivotGrid controls into their Windows Forms application, they can build the advanced native printing with various customizing settings for print layout. The users of your Windows applications are able to send the PivotGrid reports to the printer directly and customize the printing layout, such as headers, footers, and size through print preview property and print settings.

Printing Methods of KetticPivotGrid in C#.NET

KetticPivotGrid control provides the printing support and shares the same printing features as KetticGridView WinForms control and KetticScheduler control. In addition, this .NET component includes various options in the PivotGridPrintStyle C# class for the designers to customize the appearance and printed pages layout. There are two public printing methods available, Print() and PrintPreview().
The Print() method is used to pass the printing data to the printer. All printing settings can be done and saved by using the PrintStyle property. This Print() method contains an overload for displaying a system PrintDialog with optional printers available. The C# code below shows how to implement the Print() method.

The PrintPreview() method is used to show the preview of the printing pages in KetticPivotGrid. When implement this method, it will open the KetticPrintPreviewDialog.

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