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PivotGrid Group Filtering in C#.NET

KetticPivotGrid control provides the group filtering mechanism for the users to add filter conditions to the group descriptions in C# Windows Forms applications. By using this sorting feature, the users are able to specify the groups generated that will be shown in PivotGrid. KetticPivotGrid control contains two types of group filters available to the users. One is the Label filters that are capable of adding a specified filter function to the name of the generated groups. The other one is the Value filters that are capable of adding a filter function to the GrandTotal value of a specified aggregate field of a group.

Enable Group Filtering to KetticPivotGrid Control

To enable or disable group filtering functionality, we need to use the EnableGroupFiltering property. The default setting enables the group filtering as the C# code below.

this.ketticPivotGrid1.EnableGroupFiltering = true;
If enabling the group filtering to your application, the users of your application are able to add group filters through the filter button in the group descriptor elements or the drop down menus of the group fields in KetticPivotFieldList. The options of group filtering resembles those of the Report Filters, however, the group filtering contains the Top20 value filters, which allows the users to choose the top or bottom groups from the order sorted by a given value in the group of KetticPivotGrid.

C# Add Filtering to a Group Description

KetticPivotGrid control contains the GropuFilter property for the developers to add filtering functionality to group descriptions. The following are the C# code that shows the process to applying the group filters.

PropertyGroupDescriptionBase description = (PropertyGroupDescriptionBase)this.ketticPivotGrid1.RowGroupDescriptions[0];
LabelGroupFilter filter = new LabelGroupFilter();
ComparisonCondition condition = new ComparisonCondition();

condition.Condition = Telerik.Pivot.Core.Filtering.Comparison.Equals;
condition.Than = "New York";

filter.Condition = condition;
description.GroupFilter = filter;

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