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KetticPivotGrid Property Builder for C#.NET Applications

KetticPivotGrid WinForms control is designed for the users to build resembling functionalities of the PivotTables in MS Excel for their Windows application. By using the KetticPivotGrid control, the users are able to easily manage large amounts of data and display the data for human reading. This KetticPivotGrid .NET component is also capable of various functionalities, such as, Pivoting, full OLAP, tabular and compact layouts, filtering and sorting, group, and more.

Property Builder of KetticPivotGrid Control

KetticPivotGrid WinForms control provides Property Builder wizard for the users to customize the properties at design time. The Property Builder is consists of a preview pane on the right side and three tabs on the left. It can be accessed through the KetticPivotGrid SmartTag menu. To customize the properties, we can change them from the tabs on the left side.
  • General tab, in the general tab area, we are able to customize various properties, such as DataSource, DataMember, ErrorString, and EmptyValueString. Furthermore, we can enable and disable many functionalities for PivotGrid control, including drag & drop, context menus, sorting, filtering, resizing, and more.
  • Layout tab, properties that determines the style and appearance of the KetticPivotGrid control are placed on this tab, for example, the layout type of the headers, the positions of the SubTotals and GrandTotals, and the width or height of the different areas.
  • Fields, the Fields tab contains a KetticPivotFieldList control by which the users can organize the fields according to the data source in a descriptor collection.
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