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Use XmlaDataProvider in KetticPivotGrid in C#.NET

The users of the control are able to populate the KetticPivotGrid control with data from OLAP data sources by using the XmlaDataProvider. The XMLA provides the access for the client applications to communicate to OLAP data sources. The XmlaDataProvider of KetticPivotGrid is used to connect your .NET Windows application to the OLAP data sources. In this tutorial, we shall go through the procedures of using the XmlaDataProvider to bind KetticPivotGrid to OLAP data in C#.NET.

Significant Properties of XmlaDataProvider for PivotGrid

When we want to access data from OLAP data sources, we shall define the significant properties of XmlaDataProvider in advance as below.
  • ConnectionSettings, this property is used to set the connection between the KetticPivotGrid control and the OLAP data. The XmlaConnectionSettings contains various string properties like Cube, Database, ServerAddress and Credentials. The Cube and Database string properties define the exact names of the Cube and the Database respectively. The ServerAddress property defines the exact name of the server, and the Credentials property defines authentication details for the server.
  • AggregatesLevel, this property is used to specify the position to place the aggregated groups.
  • AggregatesPosition, this property is used to set the either the Columns or Rows as the position of the Aggregates

Define XmlaDataProvider and Connect to OLAP Cube

In order to display data in KetticPivotGrid and KetticPivotFieldList, the users of the control need to connect the KetticPivotGrid control to OLAP Cube and they can also use the credentials to set username and password to the connection. The C# code below demonstrates how to modify the ConnectionSettings property of the XmlaDataProvider to connect to OLAP Cube in .NET applications.

XmlaDataProvider provider = new XmlaDataProvider();
XmlaConnectionSettings settings = new XmlaConnectionSettings();

settings.Cube = "Adventure Works";
settings.Database = "Adventure Works DW 2008R2";
settings.Serveketticdress = "";

provider.ConnectionSettings = settings;

Define Group Descriptions in XmlaDataProvider for PivotGrid

KetticPivotGrid control contains three different description collections to store data for the XmlaDataProvider to display in KetticPivotGrid and KetticPivotFieldList, including RowGroupDescription, ColumnGroupDescription, and AggregateDescriptions collections.
  • shown as row headers of KetticPivotGrid. We can set the XmlaGroupDescription to this row description collection.
  • ColumnGroupDescriptions collection, this column description collection stores the data that will be shown as column headers of KetticPivotGrid. We can set the XmlaGroupDescription to this row description collection
  • AggregateDescriptions collection, this aggregates description collection stores the data that will be aggregated and included in the cells in KetticPivotGrid. We can set the XmlaAggregateDescription to this aggregates description collection.
The XmlaGroupDescription defines the data displaying in Rows and Columns in KetticPivotGrid. The XmlaGroupDescription contains the MemberName property for the users to set the string according to the OLAP Cube. In addition, the MemberName property includes specific syntax to access the data of OLAP Cube.
The XmlaAggregateDescription defines the data aggregated and displayed in cells in KetticPivotGrid. The XmlaAggregateDescription contains the MemberName property for the users to set the data that will be aggregated.
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