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Windows Forms Panorama Control
Build modern style UI for your WinForms applications with the Panorama control
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Panorama Control for WinForms Overview

The Kettic Panorama control is used to build modern style user interface for Windows Forms applications. It is able to display tile elements in a mosaic manner. By using the Panorama control for Windows Forms, it is possible to stand for the data in the form of tiles and support scrolling from left or right, whose operation is similar to Windows 8, as well as the drag and drop support. The Panorama control can help users build Modern Style UI for their Windows Forms applications in several minutes.

Group using Panorama Control

The Panorama Control for Windows Forms provides group design time support. By using the Panorama control, developers can separate the tiles into groups logically at design time for they are not stacked in Panorama. Meanwhile, developers can build groups and tiles in C# or VB.NET code too.

Drag and Drop Gesture Support

The Panorama Control support drag and drop in Windows Forms applications. Users of your application will be able to change the default order of the tiles based on their preferences by dragging and dropping. When users are dragging and dropping the tiles, an outline will appear to show us that the operation is on. Users finger location will determine the drop place of the tiles.

Scroll Support with Finger Touch

If developers use Panorama Control in their application, they can apply the touch scrolling feature into their application. With this feature, the users of the application can easily and smoothly scroll the tiles. In addition, the pan operation will replace the scroll bar and be placed on the tiles.

Zoom In and Zoom Out with Finger Touch

The Panorama Control support zoom in and zoom out operated by using multi finger touch. Users can touch zoom out to display all tiles to view at once. With the finger touch zoom in and zoom out, end users of your application can view all the existing tiles or a specific tile in a long list with a simple touch.

Live Tiles Support by Panorama Control

The Panorama Control offers a live tile support that is able to rotate images and texts to catch users’ attention or to show them live messages. With the Live Tiles support, developers can run any application by handling the click event of the tiles or enable the touch function for immersive experience for your applications.