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Windows Forms Panorama Control
Build modern style UI design, display tile elements in a mosaic manner, represent data in tiles
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Panorama Controls Getting Started

The KetticPanorama WinForms Control is used to build modern style user interface for Windows Forms applications. It is able to display tile elements in a mosaic manner. By using the Panorama control for Windows Forms, it is possible to stand for the data in the form of tiles and support scrolling from left or right, whose operation is similar to Windows 8, as well as the drag and drop support. The Panorama control can help users build Modern Style UI for their Windows Forms applications in several minutes.

How to Use Panorama Control in Windows Forms

KetticPanorama .NET component is a WinForms control that is able to show elements of type KetticTileElement in a mosaic manner. The users are able to inspire the Panorama control by the Metro Start Menu screen of Windows 8.
The following is the tutorial that shows how to get started with KetticPanorama WinForms control and the procedures of building a sample Panorama application in C#.NET projects.
  1. Open your existing Windows Forms project or create a new .NET Windows Forms project
  2. Drag a KetticPanorama control from the Visual Studio toolbox and drop it to the form
  3. Set the Dock property of the KetticPanorama control to Fill in the properties window
  4. Display the Smart Tag by clicking the KetticPanorama control and hit the Smart Tag to popup the menu
  5. Click the Edit Groups link in the Smart Tag menu to open the KetticItemCollection editor
  6. Add three groups to the KetticItemCollection editor and set the Text properties to Tile, Live Tiles, and Mixed
  7. Navigate to the Item property of the groups. Add KetticTileElements to the first group, add KetticListTileElements to the second group, and add the two elements to the third group. Close the item editor by click OK
  8. Check the Display Groups check box in the Smart Tag menu
  9. Choose the tile and edit the Column, Row, Column Span and Row Span properties in the tile Smart Tag
  10. After customizing these properties, the scroll bar will display the item automatically when its size is larger than the size of control
  11. The above steps will finish the layout customization. And now we can customize each item as specific requirements and subscribe to the Click event of each of them to perform some action upon click.
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