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Build Scroll Bar in Panorama in C#.NET

Kettic Panorama Control for Windows Forms offers a tile support, which allows the component contain text an image in a tile and rotate images and texts to catch users’ attention or to show them live messages as well. This tile functionality can be created by using the KetticTileElement and KetticLiveTileElement. The users of the Panorama control are able to run any application by handling the click event of the tiles or enable the touch function for immersive experience for your applications.

Add Panorama Tiles for C#.NET Application

KetticPanorama Control uses the KetticTileElement to create and customize the tile, in which text and image can be included. This KetticTileElement supports hierarchical element, so the users can elements to its Children collection in C# code.
While we are adding a tile to the application, we can use the Column and Row properties to specify the position of the tile in either the main panel or the group. The control allows the users to do this either at design time or using C# code. The following are the C# code setting a tile position.

this.ketticTileElement1.Row = 2;
this.ketticTileElement1.Column = 1;
There are more properties of the tile element available for the users to customize the span of a tile in Panorama control, for example,
  • RowSpan, this property is able to determine the number of cells in a row in a tile
  • ColumnSpan, this property is used to set the number of cells in a single column in a tile
  • CellPadding, the property is used to set the offset of the tile based on the bounds of the cells in a tile
The C# code below demonstrates how to customize the tile by setting the three properties above.

this.ketticTileElement1.RowSpan = 2;
this.ketticTileElement1.CellPadding = new Padding(5);

this.ketticTileElement2.ColumnSpan = 2;
this.ketticTileElement2.Column = 2;
this.ketticTileElement2.CellPadding = new Padding(5);

this.ketticTileElement3.Row = 1;
this.ketticTileElement3.Column = 1;
this.ketticTileElement3.CellPadding = new Padding(5);

Create Live Tiles in Panorama in C#.NET

KetticPanorama Control offers additional features by using the KetticLiveTileElement, which will show content that changes on a specified time interval. The following are the C# code that shows how to change the content element by using the tileItem collection.
Furthermore, we are able to customize animation of the behaviors when we transfer from one content element to another element. The C# code below demonstrates the animation customizing
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