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Windows Forms Panorama Control
Build modern style UI design, display tile elements in a mosaic manner, represent data in tiles
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Build Scroll Bar in Panorama in C#.NET

KetticPanorama Control supports the scrolling operation. The users of the control are able to create a scroll bar for their application by using the Panorama control for Windows Forms. This control is used to build modern style user interface for Windows Forms applications. It is able to display tile elements in a mosaic manner. By using the Panorama control for Windows Forms, it is possible to stand for the data in the form of tiles and support scrolling from left or right, whose operation is similar to Windows 8, as well as the drag and drop support. The Panorama control can help users build Modern Style UI for their Windows Forms applications in several minutes.

Customize Scroll Bar in Panorama in C#.NET

Kettic Panorama WinForms control allows the users to create custom scroll bar. For example, it is able to set the scroll bar alignment, scroll bar thickness as well as change the background of the view.

Set Alignment to Scroll Bar in C#.NET

Kettic Panorama .NET component contains the ScrollBarAlignment property for changing the scroll bar alignment. The simple C# code snippet below demonstrates how to set the alignment of the scroll bar.

this.ketticPanorama1.ScrollBarAlignment = HorizontalScrollAlignment.Bottom;

Change Thickness of Scroll Bar in C#.NET

To change the thickness of the scroll bar in Panorama control, the KetticPanorama provides ThicknessOfScrollBar property for the users to accomplish this. The C# code below shows how to customize the scroll bar thickness.

this.ketticPanorama1.ThicknessOfScrollBar = 16;

Modify Background Image of Scrolling in Panorama

This Panorama control supports tiling background image changes. This modification can be done through the steps as following.
  • Use the PanelImage property to set the desired image as the background.
  • Enable the ScrollBackground property to scroll the background image along with the view
  • Set the PanelImageSize property to smooth background scrolling
  • Set the width of the panel image larger than the client width of the Panorama control and smaller than the total width of the tile layout.
  • Other properties of the background image can be accessed through the Panorama element, BackgroundImagePrimitive property.
The C# code below shows how to setup a tiling background image and a background scrolling
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