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Windows Forms Scheduler Control
Easy to use and highly customizable scheduler controls with rich Outlook style functionality
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Scheduler Control for WinForms Overview

The Kettic Windows Forms Scheduler Control provides a variety of Outlook style user interfaces for developers to build Windows Forms application with Outlook similar UI. It is easy to customize the Scheduler Control to create demand scheduling UI application and it is a lightweight UI component which will take little space in your application. The Kettic Windows Forms Scheduler Control is often used together with the Reminder Control and Desktop Alert Control, which offers large amounts of scheduling UI to any Windows Forms application. The product delivers swift performance, simplified deployment and limitless customization capabilities and is suitable for use in large-scale enterprise applications.

Multiple Views Support

The Kettic Scheduler control for Windows Forms offers swift performance, simplified deployment and limitless customization capabilities. It is capable of showing multiple views including Timeline, Month, Week, Work Week, Day, and Multiple Day by using a single Scheduler control. With the multiple views support, developers can easily deploy and customize the scheduler control as well as add preferences to all views.

Data Binding Support

The Scheduler control provides powerful data binding support. It is able to bind the Scheduler control to data without using any code. There is a data source property included in the ActionList that is available to users to specify the scheduling data binding source component, the data source of the Scheduler control. The Kettic Scheduler control can be easily integrated into any existed Windows Forms applications for it takes advantage of the powerful provider architecture, the Provider Design Pattern. By using the Scheduler control, it is possible to bind to a data source so that any other data control can access it, bind to a business object of any arbitrary structure, bind custom fields to an appointment, and bind appointments to resources. In addition, there is unbound mode available to store appointments, resources and advanced properties assigning resources and save data to source.

User Interface and Navigation

Our Kettic Scheduler Control provides simple but powerful user interface and navigation to help the users to review all events fast and efficiently. It is completely compatible with the UI standards. The Scheduler Control is able to display the events in a Time table, whose headers consist of a date header on top, and a vertical time ruler on the left. The Time ruler is included in any scheduler and shown in all DayView. The Scheduler provides Current time indicates the time ruler and the ability to display all day and multiple day events above the timeline.

Appointment Support

It is really easy to create and edit the appointments within a few seconds. The Scheduler component offers large flexibility for end users to set the status for the particular appointment and to choose a color coded category. Developers are also able to tweak, customize and extend the Scheduler dialogs with new controls. There are a few properties available to users to customize the control to fit custom scenario. For example, the Appointments can be any events and an intuitive Edit Appointment dialog is available to create, edit, or delete appointments. The Recurring appointments provide the key part to calendar application. The Status representation allows users to attend a particular event with the valid options, Busy, Free, Tentative, and Unavailable. A few Categories are provided to indicate the importance of a particular appointment.

End User Capabilities

The Kettic Scheduler Control for Windows Forms offers easy to use and same Office UI and behavior to end users. For example, users can use the In-place and custom editors to improve the usability of the control. It is also possible to resize the appointments by dragging the appointment edges. The scheduler control implements Built-in context menus and dialogs for new single and recurring appointments. The end users can use key board as navigation in data source.

Grouping and Custom Resources

The Kettic Scheduler Control for Windows Forms provides the support of resources grouping and custom resources, which allow user add additional information with your appointments. It is possible to select the information for each field from a limited number of possibilities. The custom resources are limited in the number of values so that the Scheduler Control is able to group appointments.

Scheduler Navigation Support

The Kettic Scheduler Control for Windows Forms offers a separate Scheduler Navigator component to switch fast among the available scheduler views like Day, Week, and Month. It is also able to toggle weekends on or off, navigate back and forward within a view, and display the present dates in a Date Header that can be entirely customized and localized. The Scheduler Navigator provides the support of binding to a Scheduler instance at design time as well as runtime.


The Reminders Control is provided to track different tasks, deadlines and events in an Outlook-style pop-up dialog for end users. It has familiar and friendly user interface to display the details of appointment and offers the ability to snooze and dismiss. The Reminders Control for Windows Forms has simply building experience and customization capabilities via a rich collection of themes, events, and extended API. It is built-in the Scheduler control, however, can be used as a stand-alone control or together with other Windows Forms UI controls.