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C# Localize KetticScheduler control for Windows Forms

Like all the Kettic WinForms UI controls, the KetticScheduler supports the localization too. This control allows the developers easily access and customize the localization of it to display text and message of this control in a specific language. With the localization support, developers can create .NET Windows applications and deliver their application globally.

Localizing Strings in KetticScheduler in C#.NET

KetticScheduler control provides the Kettic.WinForms.UI.Localization namespace to create a custom localization provider to perform the localization. The developers can create a descendant of the C# class KetticSchedulerLocalizationProvider, and then override the GetLocalizedString() method with a provided a translation for the text and messages of the control.

C# Localizing KetticSchedulerNavigator for Windows application

To localize the KetticSchedulerNavigator control for Windows Forms, we should use the SchedulerNavigatorLocalizationProvider C# class. This localizing C# class is able to define the default values for all strings shown for the users. And we shall override the default localization via inheriting from the SchedulerNavigatorLocalizationProvider C# class and then override the GetLocalizedString method.

Localization of Strings for Custom Dialog in KetticScheduler

There is a built-in Localization Provider used for localizing the strings in KetticScheduler control for Windows Forms. In addition, we can create custom localization logic to implement a custom dialog. The KetticScheduler provides the LocalizeDialog method, included in KetticSchedulerDialog base C# class, to localize the dialog strings.
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