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Scheduler control for Windows Forms
Create rich Outlook style functionality and add rich scheduling interfaces to C# Windows application
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Import/Export KetticScheduler Appointments in C#.NET

KetticScheduler WinForms control supports the iCalendar to import Scheduler Appointments from the ICalendar format, as well as export in ICalendar format. Additionally, the users can import and export the Scheduler Appointments to a custom file in C# Windows Forms application. KetticScheduler control for WinForms also supports various features, including multiple view options, strong data binding support, and out of box appointment dialogs.

C# Import Scheduler Appointments from ICalendar

KetticScheduler support the iCalendar that can import Scheduler Appointments from the ICalendar format. The KetticScheduler C# class contains an Import method for the developers to achieve this. The Import method is able to help you easily import the appointments from a specific SchedulerICalendarImporter instance and a string.

C# Export Scheduler Appointments in ICalendar format

KetticScheduler C# class includes the Export method for the UI designers to export Scheduler Appointments in the ICalendar format. This Export method allows the designers to easily export appointments in a specific SchedulerICalendarExporter instance to a string. When we implement the Export method, we can override the Export method to write the appointment data to a Stream.

C# Import/Export Scheduler Appointment to a Custom File

KetticScheduler control for WinForms allows the developers to import and export the Scheduler Appointment to a custom file in C# Windows Forms application. This is achieved by creating custom import and export C# classes and then passing the C# class instances to the Import and Export methods.
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