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Scheduler control for Windows Forms
Create rich Outlook style functionality and add rich scheduling interfaces to C# Windows application
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Themes and Appearance of KetticScheduler for WinForms

KetticScheduler controls for Windows Forms provides rich themes for the developers to customize the appearance of the control in .NET Windows Forms application. It allows the UI designers to build slick user interfaces that have the same appearance of Windows, Microsoft Office 2007, and Outlook, etc. When building the style of this control, the developers can easily switch the themes via a single property. The KetticScheduler controls for WinForms also provides a theme color blending to tweaking the color scheme of a theme. Additionally, the developers can also build a new theme for exact visual interface by using the Custom Style Creator.

Style Templates for Customizing KetticScheduler control

KetticScheduler control for WinForms contains a collection of dynamic templates, which are used to design rich presentation for the scheduler views in C# Windows Forms applications. The feature even allows developers customizing a single view. This functionality will be powerful when developers need to implement an interface with calendar appearance. The dynamic style templates can be used by other Kettic UI Controls for Windows Forms.

Customize Zooming Appearance of KetticScheduler

This functionality is capable of enabling the hover and zoom functionality, which will hover the Scheduler views and zoom in the cell for interactivity when click with mouse. The properties, EnableHover and Zoom, are used to control the functionality. The EnableHover enables/disables the hover functionality and the Zoom determines the zooming proportion.

Hide Weekends Views of KetticScheduler control for Windows Forms

KetticScheduler control for interface design support not only all features of the standard Schedule control in the Visual Studio toolbox, like first day of week, special days, display today, display week numbers, and hide week numbers, but also additional features that the standard Schedule control do not support, including focused date, show week days, hide week days, date zoom, read only mode as well as show other month days.
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