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Data Binding of KetticScheduler Control in C#.NET

KetticScheduler component offers large flexibility for the users to bind the Scheduler control to a data source in Windows Forms. The data binding of the customizable KetticScheduler component has features similar with that of the Calendar in Microsoft Outlook. The KetticScheduler WinForms control allows the users to easily bind this component to data source through the SchedulerBindingDataSource property. It supports data source in the form of a database, which should be conform to a specific structure and provide specific fields, as well as business objects.

Properties of KetticScheduler Data Binding in C#.NET

KetticScheduler control contains a data source provider model for the users to bind the component to data. It is capable of data binding to high customizable information, such as a subject, a start time, and an end time entries, as well as customizable properties, including recurrence rule, location, and more. Additionally, the KetticScheduler component allows the developers to include any custom resources and attributes via fields in the control.
KetticScheduler provides a variety of properties for the developers to customize the data binding. The following are the useful data binding properties in Windows Forms application.
  • ActiveViewType, this is the key property of KetticScheduler data binding and its valid values include Day, MultiDay, Week, WorkWeek and Month.
  • AccessibleInterval, this property determines the duration of the time the user use and can't be modified when the new view is not in the accessible interval
  • ApplyAppointmentMove and ApplyAppointmentResize, these two properties are used to enable the functionalities to drag or resize the appointment in KetticScheduler at runtime.
  • FocusedDate, this property is used to show a day, week, or month that can be visible in the scheduler currently.
  • DisplayAppointmentStatus, DisplayAllDayAppointmentStatus and DisplayNavigationElements, these properties are used to toggle the visibility of appointment status, all day appointment status and navigation elements.
  • AppointmentTitleFormat, this property can fed to a String.Format() call and offer parameters to Start, End, Subject and Location in that order
In addition, KetticScheduler component allows the developers to include custom properties for data binding. The custom properties should be mapped to scheduler properties through the SchedulerMapping C# class. Meanwhile, this control provides the SchedulerDataSource property to bind this control to a data source
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