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Guide of KetticSchedulerNavigater WinForms control

KetticSchedulerNavigator WinForms control provides simple but powerful user interface and navigation to help the users to preview and review all events fast and efficiently. It is completely compatible with the user interface standards. The KetticSchedulerNavigator is able to navigate between different events in the current active view of the KetticScheduler in Windows Forms application. The KetticScheduler provides Current time indicates the time ruler and the KetticSchedulerNavigator is able to navigate among all day and multiple day events on the timeline.

Integrate KetticSchedulerNavigator into Windows Forms

Because we design the KetticSchedulerNavigator as an independent .NET component, the users can integrate it into their Windows Forms project without using any C# code. This is a convenient tool for building navigation between Scheduler views. To add navigation functionality to the views of day, week and month, we shall use the KetticSchedulerNavigator control and the KetticScheduler control together. The following steps demonstrate how to integrate this control into your Windows Forms applications.
  1. Create a new Windows Forms project or open an existing one in your Microsoft Visual Studio
  2. Drag a KetticSchedulerNavigator control from the toolbox and drop it on your form
  3. Drag a KetticScheduler control from the toolbox and drop it on your form
  4. Open the smart tag in the Properties window in the KetticSchedulerNavigator control
  5. Click the Associate Scheduler action to bind the KetticSchedulerNavigator to the KetticScheduler control in the Windows Forms project
  6. Alternatively, we can bind the KetticSchedulerNavigator to a KetticScheduler control through using the AssociatedScheduler property in the Property Grid in the Visual Studio Designer
  7. After the above steps, we successfully integrate the KetticSchedulerNavigator to the KetticScheduler control in Windows Forms application.
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