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Create Tooltips to Appointments for Scheduler in C#.NET

KetticScheduler control is capable of creating and associating tooltips to an appointment. In addition, this control is able to create and edit the appointments like setting of the status for a particular appointment, selection of a color coded category, tweaking, customizing and extending the edit appointment dialogs of the Scheduler with other new controls. Various properties are also available to the designers to customize the Scheduler to fit custom scenario.

C# Create/Associate Tooltips to Appointment in Scheduler

KetticScheduler WinForms control contains the ToolTipText property for the developers to create a tooltip and associate it to an appointment. To achieve that, change the value of the ToolTipText property to a string.
In the following C# code sample, we are going to apply the ToolTipText property of the Appointment C# class and then create a new tooltip with custom text to an appointment in KetticScheduler.

Appointment myAppointment = new Appointment(DateTime.Now, TimeSpan.FromMinutes(10), "Summary", "Description");
myAppointment.ToolTipText = "Custom Tooltip";
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