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C# Guide of KetticSchedulerReminder control for WinForms

KetticSchedulerReminder control is a .NET component that stands for a special reminder object for the KetticScheduler Appointments. It inherits from the KetticReminder C# class. The KetticReminder control is capable of tracking different tasks, deadlines and events in an Outlook-style pop-up dialog for end users and displaying the details of appointment and offers the ability to snooze and dismiss. It is built-in the Scheduler control, however, can be used as a stand-alone control or together with other Windows Forms UI controls.

Properties of KetticSchedulerReminder Control

  • AssociatedScheduler, this property is used to get the KetticScheduler object that is associated with the KetticSchedulerReminder.
  • StartReminderInterval, this property is used to set the start time of the reminder interval and it is only valid to remind the users of the appointments in the defined interval
  • EndReminderInterval, this property is used to set the stop time of the reminder interval and it is only valid to remind the users of the appointments in the defined interval.

Tutorial of KetticSchedulerReminder Control

It is really easy to integrate the KetticSchedulerReminder component into .NET Windows Forms application both in C# code and at design time. The following steps demonstrate how to work with it in C# code at run time.
  • Initialize the KetticSchedulerReminder component using the C# code snippet

KetticSchedulerReminder schedulerReminder = new KetticSchedulerReminder();
  • Customize the AssociatedScheduler property to associate the KetticReminder

schedulerReminder.AssociatedScheduler = this.ketticScheduler1;
  • Customize the StartReminderInterval and EndReminderInterval properties to set the time interval

schedulerReminder.StartReminderInterval = DateTime.Now;
schedulerReminder.EndReminderInterval = DateTime.Now.AddDays(1);
After the steps above, we start the KetticSchedulerReminder component and the appointment of the defined interval will fill it. When we stop the control, it will clear all the reminders from the KetticSchedulerReminder.
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