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Create rich Outlook style functionality and add rich scheduling interfaces to C# Windows application
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Change the Themes and Appearance of KetticScheduler in C#.NET

KetticScheduler supports a set of rich themes for the developers to modify the appearance of the control in .NET Windows Forms application. It is capable of creating slick user interfaces which is similar with that of Windows, Office, and Outlook, etc. When building the style of this control, the developers can easily switch the themes via a single property. The KetticScheduler controls for WinForms also provides a theme color blending to tweaking the color scheme of a theme. Additionally, the developers can also build a new theme for exact visual interface by using the Custom Style Creator.

Customization of Style and Appearance of KetticScheduler control

KetticScheduler control for WinForms contains a variety of built-in themes for the interface designers to select. They can apply the predefined themes and styles to the navigator in the scheduler. Furthermore, this control allows the developers to individually customize the style of each area in Scheduler. For example, we can set the status indicators to be busy, tentative, etc, change the background to indicate the its category, format text and customize position, as well as modify the styles of date/time indicators, headers, working time, etc

Setting Appearance of Scheduler Appointments

KetticScheduler allows the users to customize the styles of Scheduler Appointments, such as setting of the status for a particular appointment and selection of a color coded category. KetticScheduler control provides a large flexibility of customization of the appointment. There are a variety of collections and properties available for the developers to customize the appointments in C# Windows Forms application.

Customizing Styles of Scheduler Views in Windows Forms

KetticScheduler contains the intuitive and familiar interface for the developers to apply predefined themes or create custom styles for Scheduler Views. All the views of Day, MultipleDay, Week and WorkWeek can be displayed in the KetticScheduler control, so that the developers can easily deploy this component rather than think of the difference when using different view controls. In addition, the users can add their preferences from one view to other views with custom styles.

Changing Themes and Styles of KetticSchedulerNavigator

KetticSchedulerNavigator control is a stand-alone component that the developers can drag from the toolbox and drop on the form in their .NET Windows application. This control is also capable of creating custom appearance for the navigation of all Scheduler views, including Day, Week, Month, and Year. With the navigation features, the users of your application can easily move to the previous and the coming view of a day, a week, and a month by using the arrow keys.
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