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Drag and Drop Items from Other controls to KetticScheduler

KetticScheduler WinForms control allows the users to drag and drop items from other user interface controls to it, that is to say, we can use other WinForms controls within the Scheduler control in Windows application. For example, we can drag appointment subjects from the KetticList control, or drag an appointment date from KetticGridView component. When we drop the items from other controls to the Scheduler, we should find the cell of the scheduler and then get the date and build an appointment for the scheduler cell.

C# Drag and Drop Items of Other Controls to Scheduler

The following steps and C# code shows how to drag and drop a KetticDropDownList and then set the recurrence of the appointment for two days.
  • Open the DragDrop event handler of the KetticScheduler control in your Windows Forms project
  • Find the mouse position and change the mouse to a point
  • Get the scheduler cell element at the position of the point of the mouse
  • Add the C# code below to the event hander to pass the MonthCellElement to the GetCellAppointment() method
After adding the C# code to the event handler, we’ve added the month cell element to the appointment. Then the CreateAppointment() method will create an appointment which starts at the cell where we drop the KetticListDataItem and the appointment will get data from the item. The following C# code demonstrates how to create the appointment in C# Windows applications.
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