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C# Grouping By Resources in KetticSchedulers

When we need to associate additional information with the appointments in Scheduler control, we can define custom resources to the appointments of it. KetticScheduler .NET component is capable of grouping appointments by the custom resources. To perform the grouping functionality by resources for appointments in KetticScheduler, we shall use the GroupType property of the SchedulerView class. In this C# tutorial, we are going through how to customize the grouping by resources.

Enable Grouping by Resources in KetticScheduler control

To enable the grouping functionality, we shall use the GroupType property included in the SchedulerView class. The valid values of this property contains None and Resources. The following C# code enables this property by setting the value to Resources.

this.ketticScheduler1.GroupType = GroupType.Resource;

Add/Remove Resources in KetticScheduler in C#.NET

To add and delete the custom resources, we shall use the Resources collection of the KetticScheduler. The KetticScheduler .NET component provides the Resource C# class to represent the resources and we can add text, color and image values to the resource through the Resource class. The following C# code demonstrates the customization of the Resources.
In addition, we can modify the number of the resources that are visible via the ResourcesPerView property of SchedulerView class. The C# code sample below shows the modification.

this.ketticScheduler1.GetDayView().ResourcesPerView = 2;
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