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C# Export Scheduler Appointments in ICalendar format

KetticScheduler WinForms control not only imports Scheduler Appointments from ICalendar format, but also export appointments in the industry-standard ICalendar format. To export appointments in ICalendar format, the KetticScheduler C# class contains the Export method to achieve this. With the KetticScheduler control, the developers can easily build the scheduler functionality to Windows Forms application. Furthermore, this control support a variety of features like multiple view options, strong data binding support, and out of box appointment dialogs. In the C# tutorial below, we are going through the process of exporting appointments in ICalendar format.

C# Export Scheduler Appointments in ICalendar format

KetticScheduler C# class includes the Export method for the UI designers to export Scheduler Appointments in the ICalendar format. This Export method allows the designers to easily export appointments in a specific SchedulerICalendarExporter instance to a string. The C# code snippet below demonstrates the implementation of Export method.

string exportResult = this.ketticScheduler1.Export(new SchedulerICalendarExporter());
When we implement the Export method, we can override the Export method to write the appointment data to a Stream. To export the appointment data with a KetticScheduler instance to a file, we can use the C# code snippet below.

using (FileStream stream = File.Create("schedule.ics"))
this.ketticScheduler1.Export(stream, new SchedulerICalendarExporter());
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