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C# Set Month View in KetticScheduler for .NET application

KetticScheduler Month View mode allows the users to display an entire month at a time, and predefine the number of weeks that will be shown in the view for C# Windows Forms application. Moreover, if we add the Navigator control to the Scheduler, we can simply view the preview month and the coming month through the back and forward keyboard arrows. In this article, we are going through the process of showing the month in calendar and customizing the month view in C# Windows Forms application.

Structure of Month View of KetticScheduler

The Month View of KetticScheduler has a different structure from the Day, MultipleDay, Week and WorkWeek views. The Month View only consists of a Header, Month Cells for each day in a month, and the Appointment Cells in the month cell.

C# Setting Month View in Scheduler for Calendar

To change the default calendar view to be the Month View in Scheduler for C# Windows Forms application, we shall set the active view type to Month View. The C# code as below demonstrates the setting.

this.ketticScheduler1.ActiveViewType = Kettic.WinForms.UI.SchedulerViewType.Month;

Get Month View in Scheduler for .NET Application

The KetticScheduler provides the GetDayView method to get the instance to the SchedulerMonthView. The C# code snippet below demonstrates how to get the C# method.

SchedulerMonthView monthView = this.ketticScheduler1.GetMonthView();

Display and Hide the weekend for Month View

The Month View displays the weekend for each week by default. However, we can hide the weekends of each week by set the DisplayWeekend property to false.

monthView.ShowWeekend = false;

Set Weeks Count in Month View for Scheduler

The month view is capable of displaying more than one week at a time. To predefine the number of the weeks in a month view, we can use the WeekCount property. The C# code below shows how to set the number of weeks.

monthView.WeekCount = 5;

Display and Hide Week/Row Headers in Month View

KetticScheduler View class contains the DisplayWeeksHeader property for users to display and hide the week headers in the month view. The C# code below shows how to enable the property.

monthView.DisplayWeeksHeader = true;

Formatting the Week/Row Header for Month View

To customize the format of the weeks header, KetticScheduler contains the HeaderFormat property to achieve the formatting. The C# code below shows how to set the format to weeks header.

monthView.HeaderFormat = "MMMM dd";
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