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KetticReminder .NET Component for Windows Forms

KetticReminder control for Windows Forms is able to remind the users of an object that they pass to the reminder control. It is built-in the KetticScheduler control, however, can be used as a stand-alone control or together with other Windows Forms UI controls. When we pass an object to the KetticReminder component, the object will implement the IRemindObject interface according to the values assigned to the interface. And then the KetticReminder will throw an event which will be fired to display the appropriate message to the end users through the KetticDesktopAlert or other alert implementation.

Properties of KetticReminder for Scheduler in C#.NET

  • ThemeName, this property is used to customize the theme for the alarm form in your application
  • TimeInterval, this property is used to define the interval of the notification of the IRemindObject interface. The default setting is one minute
  • StartNotification, this property is used to set the time of displaying the notification form before the StartDateTime of the IRemindObject interface.

Methods of KetticReminder for Scheduler in C#.NET

  • AddRemindObject, this method can add an IRemindObject to the reminder, and then return the KetticReminderBindableObject.
  • AddRemindObjects, this method is used to add IRemindObjects collection to the reminder, and then return the KetticReminderBindableObjects in Scheduler..
  • StartReminder, this method is used to start the reminder in Scheduler.
  • StopReminder, this method is used to stop the reminder in Scheduler.
  • ClearRemindObjects, this method is able to clear all reminder objects in Scheduler.
  • GetRemindObjects, this method is used to return the IRemindObjects that have been added.
  • GetDefaultOwner, this method is the protected methods and is able to return the container form of the KetticReminder events.
  • RemoveRemindObject, this method is used to remove IRemindObject from the reminder in Scheduler.

Events of KetticReminder for Scheduler in C#.NET

  • ItemOpened, this event include the IRemindObject interface and will be fired when the users need to open the item on the form of the notification. It passes the KetticOpenItemArgs as a parameter.
  • FormattingData, this event is used to modify the formatting of the DueIn property of the KetticReminderBindableObject. It is fired when changing the DueIn property and passes the DueInEventsArgs as a parameter.
  • ShowingAlarmForm, this event is able to replace the default notification form and it is fired before displaying the notification form and passes the KetticAlarmFormShowingArgs as the parameter to the event.
  • ShownRemindObject, this event include the IRemindObject and is fired when the reminder display the IRemindObject. It passes the KetticShowRemindObjectArgs as a parameter.
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