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KetticScheduler Print Support in C#.NET application

When the Scheduler interface designers integrate the KetticScheduler control into their Windows Forms application, they are able to create advanced native printing for the KetticScheduler with various customizing settings for print layout. The end users of your Windows applications are able to send the KetticScheduler to the printer directly and customize the printing layout, such as headers, footers, and size through print preview property and print settings.

Printing KetticScheduler in .NET Windows application

KetticScheduler control for WinForms allows the end users of your application to pass the control data to the printer directly. This control shares many common print features of the Kettic UI Controls for WinForms. For example, the end users can easily customize the page headers and footers, add watermark, size the paper, and preview the page for printing.
In addition, the KetticScheduler control contains four predefined printing styles, including DailyStyle, WeeklyStyle, MonthlyStyle and DetailsStyle, which are similar to the Outlook. Moreover, we can add a custom area to the pages for handwritten or a date header to display busy days.

C# code for printing KetticScheduler control

To print the KetticScheduler data from the printer, the control contains a few properties and methods for the developers to achieve this.
  • Print(), this method is used to directly pass the print task to the printer
  • PrintPreview(), this method is used to preview the pages that will be printed
  • PrintStyle, this property is able to save the style of the page that will be printed
  • PrintDialog, this is the overload for the Print() method and is used to display the available printers and their options
The following C# code shows how to set the Print() method

The C# code below demonstrates how to set the PrintPreview() method,

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