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Data Provider of KetticScheduler Data Binding in C#.NET

KetticScheduler control contains a Provider Design Pattern for the users to easily to bind the control to various data sources in C# Windows Forms application. With the data provider, the developers are able to apply each of the scheduler data source components of the KetticScheduler, as well as implement a custom one as specific requirements. The data source component inherits from the SchedulerDataSource C# class and consists of two data providers for the Appointment data and Resource data respectively. When we bind the KetticScheduler to a provider, we can simply configure the DataSource property to a specific data source.

C# code for binding KetticScheduler to a Data Provider

In the C# code sample below, we shall use the SchedulerBindingDataSource component to bind the KetticScheduler to appointment data within a collection of custom objects. This data source component is capable of binding KetticScheduler to business objects, an ADO.NET DataTable, and the results of a LINQ query.
  • The following C# code create the custom class to contain the appointment data
  • After the above step, we shall populate the appointments collection in the OnLoad override to keep the appointment data. The C# code below shows how to achieve this.
  • And then, we can bind the KetticScheduler instance to the collection in the Click event handler of a button with the C# code below. In the process above, we used the IEvent interface to create a SchedulerBindingDataSource component and an AppointmentMappingInfo to pass the properties of objects from the data source to the appointment provider.
  • Use the SchedulerMapping C# class to specify convert callback methods to convert values to/from the data source.
  • Set the Mapping and DataSource properties of the EventProvider and assign the data source to the KetticScheduler instance
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