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Property Grid Control for Windows Forms
Create elegant and functional user interfaces and display the editable properties of a given object
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WinForms Property Grid Control Overview

Kettic Property Grid Control is designed for developers and end users to organize and render data information on screen efficiently. This Property Grid control is fully optimized for UI flexibility, which allows developers display the properties of any object in a user-friendly way. By using the editor controls, the end users of your applications can edit the properties of the object too. With the feature of the Property Grid Control, .NET Windows Forms developers are able to manage the properties and settings intensively. It also provides the support of filtering, grouping and sorting items for end users of your application. With the virtualization mechanism support, the Kettic Property Grid Control is able to help you easily handle hundreds of properties even loaded on one object.

Properties Filtering Support

The Property Grid Control for Windows Forms offers a tool bar built in the control to filter properties of any object when you input. The tool bar allows developers easily customize the behavior through defining the part of the property, like the name, label, category, or description of the property. Developers or ender users can filter by one of them. Furthermore, it is able to change the operator like Starts, Contains, etc., by which the filter is applied.

Properties Selection Support

The WinForms Property Grid Control provides a built in help bar in the control to display the name of selected properties. The help bar is located at the bottom of the Property Grid Control, in which the description of the property from the DescriptionAttribute will be displayed too. If you want to display or hide the bar, you can achieve it by simply change a single property to the bar. The Property Grid Control provides large flexibility for customize the control as necessary. For example, you can easily add elements to the Property Grid Control or the tool bar itself.

Properties Editing Support

Kettic Property Grid Control allows you embed a number of data editors into individual cells for editing and better data presentation. It is able to control the process of editing, including the initialization, editors for validating and events value changing. There are also advanced data editing options available with the Property Grid Control.