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Editors of PropertyGrid Items

KetticPropertyGrid WinForms control allows you embed a number of data editors into individual cells for editing and better data presentation. This component is able to control the process of editing, including the initialization, editors for validating and events value changing. There are also advanced data editing options available with the Property Grid Control.

Edit PropertyGrid Conrtol in .NET Applications

To edit the Kettic PropertyGrid control, we should disable the read-only mode and then the users can change the contents of the PropertyGrid items that have been chosen. The editing mode of an item can be started by pressing Enter or F2 key and also need more conditions.
  • To edit the PropertyGrid items, the underlying data source should support editing.
  • Enable the KetticPropertyGrid control in your .NET applications.
  • Do not set the value StartEditWithCode to StartEditMode property
  • Disable the read only mode by change the ReadOnly property to false.
  • Enable the PropertyGrid items
After we enable the edit mode of the PropertyGrid item, we can modify the values of the item. If the users need to cancel the modification, they can press Esc key. To commit the modification, we can either press the Enter key or click outside of the items that have been edited. KetticPropertyGrid control allows the users to enable the edit mode directly when the items are selected, or when the users of the control press F2 or Enter key.

Editors of PropertyGrid Control

KetticPropertyGrid control for Windows Forms contains a variety of built-in editors used to edit different data types. All the built in editors can be replaced by custom editors. The following are the editors built in the PropertyGrid control and the data types they support.
  • PropertyGridBrowseEditor, this editor of PropertyGrid is used to edit the image types.
  • PropertyGridColorEditor, this editor of PropertyGrid is used to edit colors.
  • PropertyGridDateTimeEditor, this editor of PropertyGrid is used to edit type of DateTime.
  • PropertyGridDropDownListEditor, this editor of PropertyGrid is used to edit data types with a type converter rather than a UserIterfaceTypeEditor.
  • PropertyGridSpinEditor, this editor of PropertyGrid is used to edit numeric data types.
  • PropertyGridTextBoxEditor, this editor of PropertyGrid is used to edit the data types covered by other editors.
  • PropertyGridUITypeEditor, this editor of PropertyGrid is used to edit data types with a UserIterfaceTypeEditor which are not covered by other editors.
  • API, the C# API for PropertyGrid control shows the editing process using C# code.
  • Events, the C# events of PropertyGrid control show the complete C# events in the editing process.
  • Data validation, the data validation is used to validate data in data binding process
  • Customizing editor behavior, the customization shows how to change behavior of editor.
  • Using custom editors, this will show how to create a custom editor and replace the standard one
  • Handling editor events, this will show the approach of handling editor C# events.
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