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Attributes of Kettic PropertyGrid Control

KetticPropertyGrid control for Windows Forms application allows the users easily process properties of data objects. This .NET component contains automatic generation and intuitive custom editors for the users to display and customize the data for their Windows Forms application. This control is capable of creating editor controls for properties automatically, for example, DateTimePickers for dates, text fields for string properties, ComboBoxes for enums and Booleans, KetticColorPicker for colors. In this tutorial, we are going to demonstrate a set of attributes that are widely used with KetticPropertyGrid in C#.NET applications.

Kettic PropertyGrid Editor Attribute

KetticPropertyGrid Control allows the users to apply a specific User Interface type editor and a base input editor for a property. The C# code below shows how to use the EditorAttribute.

[Editor(typeof(PropertyGridBrowseEditor), typeof(BaseInputEditor))]
public string FileLocation { get; set; }

Kettic PropertyGrid Range Attribute

KetticPropertyGrid offers a KetticRangeAttribute for the users to customize the minimum and maximum value for properties, which can be edited in a KetticSpinEditor as the C# code below.

[KetticRange(1, 5)]
public byte DoorsCount { get; set; }

Kettic Browse Attribute of PropertyGrid

KetticPropertyGrid control for Windows Forms provides a KetticBrowse attribute for the users to include a property into the collection of properties KetticPropertyGridSHows.

public int MyHiddenProperty { get; set; }
public int MyBroweProperty { get; set; }

Kettic ReadOnly Attribute of PropertyGrid

This read only attribute of PropertyGrid is used to determine if the users can edit a property in KetticPropertyGrid or not. The C# code below shows how to set this read only attribute.

public int Count { get; set; }

Kettic Display Name Attribute of PropertyGrid

The display name attribute is used to control the text displayed in a specific property. The text can be customized through changing the Label. The C# code below shows how to set this DisplayName attribute.

public double PropertyName { get; set; }

Kettic Description Attribute of PropertyGrid

The description attribute is used to specify the text displayed for a property in the help bar of KetticPropertyGrid. The C# code below shows how to set this Description attribute.

public string Manufacturer { get; set; }

Kettic Password Property Text Attribute of PropertyGrid

The Kettic password property text attribute is able to edit a text property in PropertyGrid control. The C# code below shows how to set this PasswordPropertyText attribute.

public string Username { get; set; }
public string Password { get; set; }

Kettic Default Value Attribute of PropertyGrid

KetticPropertyGrid offers a default value attribute for the users to set the default value to a roperty. The DefaltValue attribute will mark the value that has been changed as modified.

public double Length { get; set; }

Kettic Category Attribute of PropertyGrid

The Category attribute of PropertyGrid is used to group the properties when they are categorized.

public string CategorizedProperty { get; set; }
public string UncategorizedProperty { get; set; }

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