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PropertyGrid WinForms Control
Easily process properties of data objects, automatically generate and display custom data in C#.
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PropertyGrid Editors C# API

KetticPropertyGrid control for Windows Forms contains a variety of built-in editors used to edit different data types. All the built in editors can be replaced by custom editors. To edit the Kettic PropertyGrid control, we should disable the read-only mode and then the users can change the contents of the PropertyGrid items that have been chosen. The editing mode of an item can be started by pressing Enter or F2 key. The KetticPropertyGrid control provides convenient C# API for the users to edit the editors of the PropertyGrid using C# code.

C# API for Editing PropertyGrid Items

PropertyGrid control provides several C# methods to demonstrate the process of editing the PropertyGrid items, including
  • StartEdit, this method is used to put the current item in edit mode.
  • EndEdit, this method is used to end the current item editing and commit modifications.
  • CancelEdit, this method is able to close the current editor and discard any modifications.
  • ActiveEditor, this method is used to contain reference to the current editor.
  • IsInEditMode, this method is used to indicate if the property grid is in editing mode.
The editors of PropertyGrid control inherit from the BaseInputEditor C# class, which does not inherit from the KetticElement. So the users of the control shall customize the EditorElement property when they need to customize any properties of an element.
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