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Calendar Controls for WinForms UI Tutorial
Complete Calendar structure created by Calendar Controls for C# Windows Forms applications.
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Calendar Structure - WinForms Calendar Controls

The following is an introduction of the structure of the Calendar Control for Windows Forms applications. From the below calendar structure, users of this calendar controls will get an overview on how to use the Calendar control in Windows Forms template projects, configure various properties of the Calendar control, add special dates and selected days, change the style of appearance, and trigger those events to change style.

How to Structure the Calendar

The Windows Forms Calendar control is used to display a monthly calendar for a time interval for WinForms applications. It provides many cool features, like months preview, multi-month view, date zooming, multi-day selection, globalization support as well as data binding. The time cells control determines the time interval. The skin of the calendar control is changeable, which allows developers change the themes available in the WinForms UI control suite or the themes from other sources. The below list shows the calendar structure that can be styled and customized as required purposes.
  • Title, the title is used to display the range of selected dates as well as the navigation buttons, both of which can be customized to meet specific requirements.
  • Navigation Buttons, the navigation buttons allows users of the calendar to previous the last month and go to the next month. In additional, it can jump X steps forward and backward via changing the Navigation Step property.
  • Main Calendar Area, the main calendar area renders the calendar views to single or multiple. In this area, the individual days, row selector and column selector are placed.
  • Row & Column Headers, the row and column headers are a Boolean value. When the properties of Show Row Headers or Show Column Headers are true, the calendar users are able to choose a complete row and column of dates by clicking on the respective day or week button. When setting the properties of Column Header Selectors to true, the names of day and week numbers will be displayed automatically.
  • Navigation Popup, the Navigation Popup is used to display a popup window, in which the months and years will appear around the selected day.
  • View Selector, the View Selector allows the .NET Forms developers choosing all cells in the current month. If displaying several months at one time for viewing, each month will have a separate view selector. Two properties, Display View Selector and Enable View Selector, determine the visibility and behavior of the View Selector element.
  • Footer and Status Bar, the Footer or Status Bar area is placed at the bottom of the Main Calendar Area. This area is often used to display more information about the selected item or customize the visualbility.
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