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Footer Appearance Customizing - WinForms Calendar Controls

The Footer is an area placed at the bottom in a Calendar area. It is a status bar for the Calendar. The Footer area is used to show the status of current date and time in Winforms applications. There are a few simple properties to modify the appearance and functionality of footer in WinForms C# applications. It is easy to customize the Footer appearance by changing a single property in C# Windows Forms template projects.

Structure of Footer of Calendar for C# WinForms

The Footer are used to display the below items in this area:
  • Current date and time, show the date and time now in Calendar
  • Clear button, a button used to clear all selected dates in Calendar
  • Today button, a button used to navigate to the current date in Calendar

Properties of Calendar in C# WinForms

The WinForms Calendar components for C# provide two properties to modify the appearance and functionality of the footer in Calendar:
  • DisplayFooter, the property used for determining whether the footer/status bar will be displayed at the bottom of Calendar
  • TodayButton, the property used for create an instance of Button Element to stand for the Today button in the footer area.
The below is the C# code for using the Today button in C# Windows Forms project for user interface design.

calendar1.TodayButton.Text = "Go to Today";
calendar1.TodayButton.Image = imageList1.Images[0];
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