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Shortcuts of Windows Forms Control
Easily register different keys shortcuts for your Windows applications.
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WinForms Control Shortcuts Overview

The Kettic Windows Forms controls provides shortcuts component for developers to build a keyboard trigger action for their Windows applications. It is possible combine any keys such as Ctrl, Alt and Shift with any other keys to trigger a specific action in your Windows Forms application. By using the Shortcuts components, you can seamlessly integrate the component into your .NET project and valid any keys combination to accelerate an action.

Structure of Shortcuts Component

The shortcuts component supports the modifier keys, multiple keys shortcuts, as well as Shortcuts without modifier keys. The modifier keys support allows you use the Ctrl, Alt and Shift keys as shortcuts, The multiple keys support allows you use more than one keys like Alt + X as the shortcuts, and Shortcuts without modifier keys allows you set others keys as shortcut, however, cautions may be needed to avoid the conflict with other control. Each shortcut uses the same object model and class hierarchy.

Interfaces and Classes for Shortcuts

The Kettic Windows Forms UI Suite utilizes a few interfaces and classes to control the shortcuts mechanism, by which developers can easily build intuitive shortcuts for their applications. There is a Key board filter class used to receive all information from the key board to queue and delegate them to register the keyboard, a shortcuts manager used to stores the keyboard filter instance, the shortcuts provider instances, and recognize a valid shortcut combination, a item shortcuts used to raise the item click event to associate the shortcuts with shortcuts provider interface.