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Navigating in Scheduler with KetticNavigator control in C#.NET

KetticSchedulerNavigator control is a .NET component that the developers can drag from the toolbox and drop on the form in their .NET Windows application. This control allows the users to build the navigation functionality for the Scheduler views of Day, Week, Month, and Year. With the navigation features, the users of your application can easily move to the previous and the coming view of a day, a week, and a month by using the arrow keys. To achieve this, we can bind the KetticNavigator control to an instance of the KetticScheduler WinForms control.

Features of KetticSchedulerNavigator WinForms control

Views navigation is a necessary functionality for calendar. However, the KetticScheduler control itself doesn’t include this functionality. To build the navigation of views for Scheduler, we shall integrate the KetticSchedulerNavigator component into the Windows Forms application. The KetticSchedulerNavigator WinForms control is a stand-alone .NET component and can be used together with KetticScheduler control and other Kettic UI controls.
  • The KetticSchedulerNavigator is built as a stand-alone control, which help the developers easily to add the navigation functionality to Scheduler views
  • KetticSchedulerNavigator component can be integrated into the KetticScheduler control through an instance in C# code at runtime as well as at design time
  • Convenient user interface for Scheduler views navigation in C# Windows Forms application
  • Display information about time period of current active view of day, week, and month in KetticScheduler WinForms control
  • Capable of display and hide the weekends through setting the Display Weekend checkbox in KetticScheduler view
  • Built in KetticStyleBuilder and the KetticSchedulerNavigator support create custom style and appearance
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