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Windows Forms Panorama Control
Build modern style UI design, display tile elements in a mosaic manner, represent data in tiles form
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Panorama Touch Support in C#.NET

The KetticPanorama Control for Windows Application offers touch support. This control is able to create modern style user interface for .NET applications. It is able to display tile elements in a mosaic manner. By using the Panorama control for Windows Forms, it is possible to stand for the data in the form of tiles and support scrolling from left or right, whose operation is similar to Windows 8, as well as the drag and drop support. The Panorama control can help users build Modern Style UI for their Windows Forms applications in several minutes.

Scrolling through Touch in Panorama Control

KetticPanorama WinForms control provides the touch scrolling support for your application users to smoothly scroll the tiles. The end users need not to look for the scroll bar for the KetticPanorama control will display the operation pan directly on the tiles.

Zoom in and Zoom out with Touch in Panorama

The Panorama control provides the multi-touch feature for the users to watch the complete tiles by zooming out the initial views. And the control will zoom in the tile that you have zoomed out when you just tap on it.

Reorder Tiles in Panorama Control

KetticPanorama control for Windows Forms provides the Tiles reordering support for the end users. They are able to reorder the tiles based on their preferences with a simple touch gesture. This control supports the drag and drop action and will display an outline of dragged tile for the users to indicate that the operation appears. Furthermore, the remaining tiles will be removed out of the way based on the finger position.
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