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Printing Style of PivotGrid in C#.NET

KetticPivotGrid control contains a variety of settings for the designers to customize the Pivot printing style in C#.NET template project. The KetticPivotGrid .NET component is capable of native print and the end users of your application can directly pass the content of Pivot reports to the default printer. With friendly user interface of dialogs of KetticPivotGrid WinForms control, the users can easily change the print settings to the Pivot reports.

C# Customize Printing Style of Pivot Reports

KetticPivotGrid control contains the PivotGridPrintStyle object for the designers to customize the appearance of printouts. This PivotGridPrintStyle object can be accessed via the PrintStyle property in KetticPivotGrid .NET component.
The C# code snippet below shows how to customize the font of different cells through the PrintStyle property.

this.ketticPivotGrid1.PrintStyle.DataCellsFont = new Font("Courier New", 8, FontStyle.Regular);
this.ketticPivotGrid1.PrintStyle.HeaderCellsFont = new Font("Courier New", 8, FontStyle.Bold);
this.ketticPivotGrid1.PrintStyle.DecriptorsFont = new Font("Courier New", 9, FontStyle.Regular);
The following is a C# code sample that demonstrates how to customize the background color for cells in Pivot reports.

this.ketticPivotGrid1.PrintStyle.CellBackColor = Color.White;
this.ketticPivotGrid1.PrintStyle.HeadersBackColor = Color.Green;
this.ketticPivotGrid1.PrintStyle.DescriptorsBackColor = Color.LightYellow;
this.ketticPivotGrid1.PrintStyle.SubTotalsBackColor = Color.Gray;
this.ketticPivotGrid1.PrintStyle.GrandTotalsBackColor= Color.Purple;
When the Pivot reports extend beyond the page border, the KetticPivotGrid control allows the designers to scale the report to fit the page area. The C# code below shows how to scale a Pivot reports.

this.ketticPivotGrid1.PrintStyle.ScaleMode = Kettic.WinForms.UI.PivotPrintScaleMode.FitAll;
Additionally, we are able to print a selected page instead of scaling the Pivot report. The C# code below shows how perform the task.

this.ketticPivotGrid1.PrintStyle.PageOrder = Kettic.WinForms.UI.PivotGridPrintPageOrder.DownThenOver;
KetticPivotGrid control contains the CompactLayout mode for the designers to save spaces for the pages that will be printed. The C# code below shows how to achieve this.

this.ketticPivotGrid1.PrintStyle.LayoutType = Kettic.WinForms.UI.PivotLayout.Compact;
this.ketticPivotGrid1.PrintStyle.ComactLayoutIndent = 18;
To print a part of the Pivot report, we can use the C# code as below.

this.ketticPivotGrid1.PrintStyle.PrintSelectionOnly = true;
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