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Panels and Labels WinForms Control
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Label Control for C# Windows Forms

The KetticLabel control support the themes included in all the Kettic UI Controls and resemble all functionalities of the standard label control in Windows Forms. The KetticLabel control is designed to replace the standard label control in the Visual Studio toolbox and add a label to your Windows Forms application with the attractive appearance of other Kettic Controls. It is also capable of formatting text with tags that similar to the ones of html.

Properties for Using KetticLabel in C#.NET

KetticLabel .NET component offers an alternative of the standard Windows Form Label with extended features such as themes customizing support. This KetticLabel control shares the complete properties of the standard Windows Forms Label control.

Format Label Text like HTML in C#.NET

The Kettic Label Control for Windows Forms allows the users to format label text like HTML. This HTML-like text formatting functionality is an advanced text styling that is supported by all Kettic User Interface Controls. This text formatting functionality uses only a few simple HTML tags to format text style and display the text on label. It is capable of formatting the text font style, font color, font size options and simple layouts by using the HTML like tags supported by Kettic Label Control.
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