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Read Only Mode of RichTextBox in C#.NET

KetticRichTextBox WinForms control supports a variety of features for text editing, including the Read Only mode. When applying the Read Only mode to the KetticRichTextBox, the end users can enable this functionality to protect the text in the document from editing. In addition, there are more rich text formatting options available, such as insert option for inserting pictures and symbols into text content, Spell Checker Option for checking the spelling errors, multiple levels undo and redo support for review or reverse the past action, paged and flow layout for viewing an HTML page in a browser, and built-in multi-region selection for performing various operations.

Enable Read Only mode of KetticRichTextBox

KetticRichTextBox control provides the ReadOnly property for the users to enable the read only mode for this control in your .NET template project. The simple C# code snippet demonstrates how to achieve this.

ketticRichTextBox1.IsReadOnly = true;
Additionally, the KetticRichTextBox .NET component also provides more properties for the developers to manage the control to response to the end user actions.
  • Enabled, when disabling this property, the users of the control cannot input any context into the control and scroll the content in the document
  • SelectionEnabled, when disabling this property, the users of the control cannot perform any selection in the document of the KetticRichTextBox.
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