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Text Formatting - C# WinForms UI Design

The WinForm User Interface Button control provides a powerful and easy to use way to format the text style while creating buttons for C# Windows Forms application. Just a few plain html tags are used to achieve this and these tags can also be applied to all WinForms UI products to format text style, because it enhances one of the smallest elements in the TextPrimitive. The new rich text formatting could display formatted html-like text such as font style, font color, font size, and simple layouts. The formatting of the text must start with an tag. More tags are listed as below.

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Supported Text Formatting Tags

  • < html >, Start tag for formatting the text
  • < font=family >, Use a single tag to define the font family of the text
  • < color=name >, Use a single tag to specifies the color of the text
  • < size=value >, Use a single tag to set the font size of the text
  • < b > < /b >, Use couple tags used to specifies the text to bold.
  • < I > < /I >, Use couple tags specifies the text to italic.
  • < u > < /u >, Use couple tags to defines underlined text.
  • < br >, Use a single tag to break down a single line text


The following is an example of C# code snippet using the above text formatting tags to format the text style will produce the result shown in the screen-shot below:

this.Button1.Text = "<html>
<b><font=Arial>Arial, Bold</b>
<i><color= Red><font=Times New Roman>Times, Italic<u>Underline</u>
<size=9>Size = 9
<color= 0, 0, 255>Sample Text"

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