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Buttons Control for WinForms UI Tutorial
Design Radio Button for C# Window Forms applications with the WinForms UI button component
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Radio Button Design - C# WinForms UI Design

The following tutorial demonstrates significant properties for Radio Button Control, like how radio buttons are grouped, multiple lines of text, how to assign images and layout for text, radio mark and image, are available on the Designing Radio Buttons. To use Radio Button Control for WinForms UI design, please check the How to Create Radio Buttons in WinForms C# projects.
This Radio Button Control is designed for developers to add robust data binding, 3-state management, including checked, unchecked, and undetermined, and more extended UI design options like image scaling, multi-line text, themes, custom radio shapes, and more. This Radio Button Control for WinForms UI could replace the Windows Forms Standard Radio Button control and bring more user interface styles.

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How to Group Radio Buttons

The Radio Button Control groups the Radio Buttons based on the parent. Developers are able to place a set of Radio Buttons on a panel so that the selections will be mutually exclusive. For instance, while selecting one radio button, the rest buttons will be cancelled automatically. By containing multiple parents with their own Radio Buttons, developers can have multiple groups of radio buttons acting independently.
The property Radio Check Alignment can be used to control the position of the radio button placed in relation to the text of the control.

How to Add Images

  1. To add an image to Radio Button, click on the property of Image, and the Select Resource dialog will be launched.
  2. Click the Import button to load image files from a local resource, where may be the project file resource and other components might share the same image files.

How to Set Text and Image Layout

  1. Align the image with text by setting the property of TextImageRelation
  2. The property value of the Text Image Relation will be independent of that of the Radio Check Alignment.
  3. Set Radio Check Alignment to Middle Right and set Text Image Relation to Text Before Image
  4. The image will be placed between the text and the check box.

this.radioButton10.RadioCheckAlignment = ContentAlignment.MiddleRight;
this.radioButton10.TextImageRelation = TextImageRelation.TextBeforeImage;

How to Add Text Entry

To add multiple lines text to radio button in code, we can use the "\n" character or System.Environment.NewLine to break a single line and start a new line. The following are C# Code

radioButton1.Text = "One line" + System.Environment.NewLine + "Another line";
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