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Add Repeat Button to C# Window Forms applications with the WinForms UI button control
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Repeat Button - C# WinForms UI Design

The Repeat Button provides press and hold functionality for Windows Forms applications user interface design. It is built directly into the button click event and offers .NET Form developers an interactive UI design. The repeat button is mainly used by users to increase or decrease value like volume or brightness. It is an ideal user interface element. The button click event can be triggered at a pre-determined interval with a single mouse click. The following is the tutorial with details on how to use the repeat button.

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How to Use the Repeat Button Control

The repeat button not only contains the standard properties that all button controls share, but also owns a new property, the Interval. This property of the repeat button can be used for controlling the time, which can be measured in milliseconds. After the button control begins repeating events, it is between button click events.
  1. To start the repeat process, we need to use the Button Click event to replace the Click.
  2. To create an event handler for this event, change the filter in the Property Grid to Events and find the entry for Button Click.
  3. Double click in the empty value drop down list for the property to have the designer create a method to handle Button Click.
  4. The following C# code shows the use of a Repeat Button to control a progress bar control. At each interval the Progress Bar value will increment
  5. No additional C# code needs to be written to handle the repeating event.
  6. When click the Repeat Button control, the C# code in the Button Click event handler will run at each interval

void repeatButton1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
if (progressBar1.Value1 < progressBar1.Maximum)
progressBar1.Value1 = progressBar1.Minimum;
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