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Window Forms Color Dialog Control
Create custom color in C# to form with the Color Dialog in .NET applications
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Tutorial of Color Dialog Control

The Kettic Color Dialog WinForm component offers the easy way to customize color to Form via choosing color from a color palette. This is a light weight user interface WinForms control and can be seamlessly integrated into other controls. RGB or HEX color models are available for choosing color. The color palette that can be themed as demand contains large flexibility to build custom color from the web, system, and basic colors.

How to Use Color Dialog WinForm Control

The Color Dialog tutorial shows how to use the Color Dialog control in your .NET Windows Forms project, including Color Dialog control customizing, localizing tab labeling and more.
  1. Open your existing Windows Forms project or create a new Windows application.
  2. Drag a Kettic Color Dialog control and drop it on the form you are designing.
  3. Open the Properties Window of the Color Dialog component and configure the Dock property as Fill.
  4. Disable the property, DisplayBasicColors, by setting its value as false
  5. Disable the property, DisplayProfessionalColors, by setting its value as false
  6. Disable the property, DisplayHEXColorsValue, by setting its value as false
  7. Disable the property, AllowPickColorFromScreen, by setting its value as false
  8. Disable the property, DisplayCustomColors, by setting its value as false
  9. Configure the property, WebTabHeading, to read "Named Web Colors"
  10. Check the values that has been selected in the Color Dialog with the C# code snippet below
  11. Debug the C# .NET project via hitting the F5 button to verify if the changes being done correctly.
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