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Window Forms Status Strip Control
Create custom status strip in C# to Windows Forms applications
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WinForms Status Strip Controls Properties

The Kettic Status Strip control is used to show a variety of status message in a status area in a form. This status strip control can use the themes provided combined with buttons and progress bar to show state and operation progress. The status strip control support two layouts, a table layout for placing items and a resizing layout which allows users resize each element dynamically.

Properties of Status Strip Control

LayoutStyle, this is a property used to handle the arrangement of items when the status bar can’t keep them in the horizontal orientation. Its two valid values contain stack and overflow.
  • Stack, this value is used to arrange items from left to right. When the items at the right side exceed the status bar space in horizontal direction, they can’t be visible
  • Overflow, this value is used to break the items line and place the items that exceed the right side to the second line in status bar.
GripStyle, this is a property used to hide the grip. To display the grip, enable this property.
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